Dictionary Tooltip
By Suchi Software
Word Definition on your tips
What is Dictionary Tooltip (DictionaryTip)?
Dictionary Tooltip is a firefox addon which displays the definition of words in a small tooltip on the same page. You don't have to open a new tab to see the definition. You do not lost the context and showing the definition in a tooltip helps you to focus more on what you were reading.
  • Just double-click on a word and you get the meaning on the same page (or)
  • Select the word, right-click and select "DictionaryTip" to see the definition (or)
  • Select the word and press Ctrl+K to see the definition
  Now works with Google Chrome. Click here to download DictionaryTip for Chrome
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  • Supports various dictionary websites: DictionaryTip currently supports a wide range of websites. There are many translation websites like German -> English, Japanese -> English, Spanish -> English etc.
  • Lookup Definitions from different sites with 1-click: DicitonaryTip interface allows you to easily switch the websites and translations to lookup the definintions.
  • Add Custom Sites: You can add your favorite sites through a user-friendly interface. There are both Simple and Expert Modes to customize the appearance for normal and power users.
  • Improve your vocabulary: DictionaryTip can help you to improve your vocabulary as it stores all the words you viewed locally for future reference.
    You can write some notes for the word for easy remembrance.
    You can see how many times you viewed, the website and the date you saw the definition.